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Paribus Can Save You Money When Shopping Online

Have you ever made a purchase online and found that the item went on sale just days later? This is frustrating, because if you had waited, you could have saved money. But did you know that many stores offer a price guarantee? This means that if a product you buy drops in price shortly after… read more »

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code

HTML runs the modern world. True, if you ask anybody what it takes to be a web developer, they’ll tell you all about JavaScript web frameworks, Python web frameworks, web programming practices, etc. Yet underneath all of that, HTML is what holds it all together. There is no web without HTML, and you need to… read more »

The MakeUseOf’s Online Shopping Guide

Internet shopping requires knowing a lot more than just products. You need to know where to find reviews, how to shop safely, how to compare prices, and — above all else — how to get the best deals from your favorite sites, like Amazon, Walmart, and many other online retailers.This guide is available to download as… read more »

10 Online Tools to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Christmas always comes and goes. Before you know it, the calendar will be showing January 1st. That time of the year for new resolutions and fresh promises. After the chocolate-based sugar high has worn off and the turkey is no more than a pile of discarded bones, you’ll be left looking at an empty year ahead. It’s full… read more »

How to Filter Fake Amazon Reviews When Shopping Online

It’s that time of the year when your interest veers towards Amazon, but it’s also that time of year where you can get befuddled by fake Amazon reviews. Have you learned to spot them yet? The Review Index (in beta as of this writing) can help you buy that perfect electronic gadget without wondering whether all those… read more »

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

Adobe Acrobat is a pretty heavy-duty PDF viewer complete with robust editing features. But if you don’t have access to the paid version of the program, there’s an easy online workaround for editing PDFs. All you need to do is upload your PDF to Google Drive. To edit a PDF, do the following: Upload your… read more »

How Government Propaganda Is Undermining Your Online Security

Events in recent years have led to many comparisons to George Orwell’s literary cornerstone 1984. The dystopian future that Orwell presented was heavily influenced by events in his lifetime, including the rise of Fascism, Communism, the two World Wars, and the beginnings of the Cold War. The novel’s central character is Winston Smith, a government… read more »

Pay With Google Makes It Easier to Shop Online

Google is making it easier than ever to spend all of your hard-earned cash shopping online. This is something most of us do on a regular basis, but shopping online isn’t always as simple and stress-free as it should be. Google thinks it has the answer in the form of Pay With Google. There are… read more »