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MT500 (2021)

The MT 500 2021 is the list of the 500 best companies in the Netherlands. Below is the top 50, the real elite of Dutch business.

The list is divided on the basis of the opinion of ‘peers’, managers and directors from the same sector.

The MT500 is the annual report of an investigation into the image of Dutch companies among managers, decision makers and managers.

The research was carried out this year for the seventeenth time. It took place in December 2020.

Just like in the past two years, we worked together with INSCOPE Research, a knowledge company of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

INSCOPE was responsible for the design and execution of the research.

We were able to benefit from, among other things, the knowledge of Professor of Strategic Management Henk Volberda. Characteristic of the approach of the

MT500 is the peer-to-peer assessment: respondents only pass judgment on companies that are active in their own sector. (source)