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7 Lost Windows Features You Can Bring Back

As Windows grows, Microsoft prunes its list of features. Whenever a major version releases, some old features get replaced by new tools while others simply disappear. If your favorite Windows feature dropped off recently, don’t fear — we’ll show you how to get it back. Here are seven recently-deprecated features you can re-enable or simulate… read more »

Yahoo! We Lost Your Data! Two Years Ago…

Web giant Yahoo has suffered an enormous data breach. The breach, which took place in 2014, resulted in the information of 500 million Yahoo users being offered for sale on the dark web. Image Credit: Ken Wolter via Shutterstock.com The scale of the theft dwarfs other recent, major data breaches, and places the security practices… read more »

How to Find Lost Files on Mac OS X

We’ve all been there: you finish working on a document, save it, close the window, and… which folder did you save it in? Where’d it go? Maybe you downloaded a file and it disappeared, or you might need a file that you worked on months ago but have no idea where you might’ve saved it. Regardless… read more »