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Over Mondo

  Bij Mondo Grow Kits geloven we in lokale productie, premium kwaliteit en in het veilig en gemakkelijk toegankelijk maken van psychedelische paddenstoelen voor elke volwassene. Gemaakt in Amsterdam met passie en ❤️ Amsterdam is al lang een smeltkroes voor ruimdenkende creatievelingen. Als eerbetoon aan de briljante Amsterdammers die de weg hebben gebaand, hebben we… read more »

Bitcoin Live Tweets

The Deck | Cryptocurrency Tweets & Prices from CryptScout – Cryptocurrency News, Prices & Research Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin News – All Day – Everyday Log InLogin/Register The CoinsAll our coins Top ActivitySort by Highest Activity Greatest Price % ChangeSort by Greatest 24h Price +/- Highest 24 Hour VolumeSort by 24h Trading Volume Most Tweets… read more »

7 Tips to Get the Best Performance From Your Raspberry Pi 3

Finding your Raspberry Pi 3 isn’t quite reaching its limits? You’re not alone. Despite it being the most advanced version of the little computer to date, it can be tricky to get your set up right. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your Raspberry Pi to run retro games, as a media center, or any… read more »

CES 2018: Sony Wants to Replace Your Dog Again

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing and we’ve been browsing the exhibition to find and test cool products for you. Day 3: Windows 10 ARM and Moto Mods On day 3 we saw one of the first Windows 10 on ARM devices, new Moto Mods, and Dell’s XPS 15 2-in-1, which sports the new… read more »

How to Emulate Android Apps on Linux

If you’re a hardcore Android fan, you’re probably aware that your favorite mobile operating system descends from Linux. We’ve covered in the past how Android is based on open source components, and that the Linux kernel is one of those. It stands to reason then that if they’re so close, it should be relatively easy… read more »

How to Secure Your Social Network Privacy for the New Year

People are starting to wake up to the threat an unsecure social media account poses to their online privacy and security. It’s time you secured your accounts. Read the full article: How to Secure Your Social Network Privacy for the New Year MakeUseOf

The Most Exciting Pet Gadgets Of CES 2018

In addition to being the year of the smart home, 2018 is the year of connected gadgets for your pet. After all, who says wearables and other connected devices are reserved for humans? A dog or cat is just like a member of the family. It only makes sense that tech companies would target our… read more »

5 New Productivity Apps to Manage Your To-Do List and Get Things Done

The best productivity app will always be whatever works for you. So if you haven’t found your ideal version yet, keep checking out new ones like these five new apps. One of these might just make you more productive than ever before. Apps are all about productivity methods, from simple task lists to time-tracking techniques…. read more »

Google Duo Lets You Call People Without the App

Google has quietly updated Duo to allow users to call people who don’t even have the Duo app installed. This means that Google Duo users can make voice calls or video calls to their contacts using Duo even if the other person has never even heard of this particular messaging app. The number of messaging… read more »