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    • What will happen when we all buy $21 in Bitcoin on 4 20? February 20, 2024
      submitted by /u/seedor [link] [comments]
    • South Korea's opposition party is now pledging to let domestic investors buy Bitcoin ETFs. Both parties now support lifting the ban 🇰🇷 February 20, 2024
      submitted by /u/BitCypher84 [link] [comments]
    • Who missed the train? 🤑 February 20, 2024
      submitted by /u/darK_Cam [link] [comments]
    • Shower thought: 2% target inflation is at best inaccurate, at worst a lie February 20, 2024
      Target inflation of 2-3 % that most central banks shout about, comes on top of the hard-to-quantify productivity increase due to technological advancement. So if the populace increases productivity by 20% in a year, due to massive industrialization, inflation target is in effect ~22% submitted by /u/wide_root [link] [comments]
    • Bitcoin won’t save you!!! February 20, 2024
      Controversial take… If you one day have $100,000 in Bitcoin, and you only can make $30,000 a year. Think of how attached and reliant your are on Bitcoin to “make it” Imagine if instead you had a skill set that you could always charge market value for (inflation hedge) because u spent time learning a […]
    • All the OPs looking for validation February 20, 2024
      What’s with it? “I have so and so bitcoin, would so much bitcoin be enough?” and such. I am in this sub expecting to learn something new about bitcoin or read some interesting discussions and opinions and the majority of posts are from people asking if their (mostly pretty small) stacks would be enough for […]
    • Wallet of Satoshi to Bank in 1 minute! February 20, 2024
      submitted by /u/prashanth_c [link] [comments]
    • Daily Discussion, February 20, 2024 February 20, 2024
      Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you! If you don't get an answer to your question, you can try phrasing […]
    • Worried I can’t accumulate enough BTC February 20, 2024
      Currently have 0.075 BTC and invest when I can. I am a student for a few more years and have basically no disposable income. Having a bit of FOMO wishing I could invest more monthly. But! Still happy to be here :) submitted by /u/icyhelicopter4 [link] [comments]
    • To all of you that lost your Bitcoin to FTX February 20, 2024
      Here is a picture of SBF in prison. Not sure why he is so fat with thin wrists but I guess that’s what veganism will do to you. Now get your damn Bitcoin off an exchange and go eat a damn steak 🥩 submitted by /u/Underwelmed_ [link] [comments]
    • After 5 years I've done it. I own 0.25 BTC February 20, 2024
      I know to most of you this isn't much. But to me, this is a BIG deal. I've been working my ass off these past few years to save up, and I've been stacking SATS as you guys say little by little and now I can finally say I am a 1/4 bitcoin hodler. I […]
    • Retail Buyer Here… February 20, 2024
      I make ~$50K a year as a teacher, I’m about ~$20K in debt, and I took out a $21K personal loan…to buy more Bitcoin. Happy Halving :) submitted by /u/randomuser19982833 [link] [comments]
    • Let’s all buy $21 on halving day February 20, 2024
      Yo, let’s make a massive retail wave on halving day and all buy $21, or $210, $2,100 whatever you can 🌊 #buy21halving2024 submitted by /u/YoAmoAlAmerica [link] [comments]
    • Who is balls deep in Bitcoin? February 20, 2024
      I don't have a house or a car, just 90% Bitcoin, 2% stocks, 8% cash (enough to cover 12 months of my monthly expense just incase I lose my job). I used to invest in Global Market ETF to build wealth slowly for my retirement back in 2020-2021 - F that! I believe I will […]
    • Finally I hit .5 BTC February 20, 2024
      Compared to some I'm sure this isn't much but this took a couple of years. Please celebrate this day with me as this is kind of a big deal for me! Cheers submitted by /u/Due-Doughnut-7913 [link] [comments]
    • Why do I have a feeling BTC will never go back to 40s or 30s … February 20, 2024
      Here me out … Most of the hedge funds are desperate enough to pile fiat for the access to BTC … Whenever there is a dip, millions of dollars r flowing in scooping up every single one of em… Are the retailers sitting ducks ?… I’m having all sort of paranoia these days … For […]
    • How much do you invest in Bitcoin per month? February 20, 2024
      Admittedly, I haven’t invested a great deal over the years. I’ve just allowed it to sit there in my wallet and forget about it. However, over the last 12 months I’ve really changed my life around when it comes to finances. So I am investing around $60-70 per month going forward. Also, what other coins […]
    • Took a loan to buy BTC today... February 19, 2024
      Big brain move or smooth brain? Edit So the loan is for 7.5k with a 5 year term at 6.6%. I intend to pay it off in a few lump sums within the next 12-18 months on the rips as I take profits. Basically I'm just trying to bring forward my DCA amount that I […]
    • 20k on the sidelines. Should I move it to S and P? Or into BTC February 19, 2024
      Moving into BTC now will raise my average cost, but that is my preferred plan, as I expect BTC to outperform S/P 500 for the foreseeable future ? Thoughts? submitted by /u/UpstairsAide3058 [link] [comments]
    • World’s largest Bitcoin mine begins construction in Texas February 19, 2024 submitted by /u/ScottyMo1 [link] [comments]

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