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Everything the Apple Watch Does Better Than the Fitbit Charge

When you’re trying to solve a problem, it helps to have all possible information. It’s the same with losing weight and being healthy. Just putting on a wearable doesn’t mean you’ll start losing weight. But tracking your steps and getting data on things like your sleep cycle can certainly be enlightening. My weight loss journey… read more »

20 TED Talks on Programming Everyone Must Watch

With these TED Talks on programming, you won’t learn how to program but rather how to be a programmer. Knowing how to write code is only one aspect of programming, and quite frankly one of the lesser aspects. Knowing how to think is key. Attitude and Inspiration 1. Thomas Suarez: A 12-Year-Old App Developer If… read more »

5 Sites to Find Which TV Show to Watch Next

There is nothing like finding a great new TV series that you can binge-watch for hours or days. But you will eventually hit a point where you don’t know what to watch next. Even your friends don’t have any recommendations left. Don’t worry, these sites have your back. Of course, most of the TV series… read more »

You Now Have Longer to Watch Your iTunes Movie Rentals

Apple has finally realized that some people may need more than 24 hours to watch a movie. Or that they may want to watch a movie more than once after renting it. So, with that in mind, you can now watch any movies you have rented through iTunes for a full 48 hours after you… read more »

Forget the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the Future

While everyone’s fawning over the edge-to-edge display and facial recognition features on the iPhone X, I’m more interested in the battle for my wrist. The Apple Watch might not share the same must-have appeal of the latest smartphone, but it’s still the world’s most successful product of its kind. This puts Apple in a strong position to… read more »

What’s New in the Apple Watch Series 3 and Should You Upgrade?

Apple didn’t only launch three smartphones this week, it also introduced a refreshed Apple Watch in the form of the Series 3. The addition of a new cellular chip means the Watch can operate independently of your iPhone for the first time ever. The new Series 3 might not be the first example of an… read more »

Finished The Defenders? 8 Shows to Watch Next on Netflix

Let the Avengers fight the high-publicity battles against Loki and the Chitauri, Ultron’s army, and Thanos. There’s a team of heroes who will defend New York City against the street-level foes also capable of bringing the world to its knees. They are the Defenders, and they’re the subject of Netflix Original available to stream right… read more »

Find What to Watch Next Online With These 5 Sites

Online video currently accounts for over 60 percent of all traffic on the internet. Yet it’s a struggle to find something good to watch, isn’t it? Well, some websites make that easier by telling you exactly what to watch next online. These sites aren’t just about finding the top trending videos on YouTube. Here you… read more »

5 New Ways to Watch YouTube and Find Videos

YouTube still has more videos uploaded to its website for public consumption than anything else on the internet. But finding those videos is not as fun an experience as it once was. Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten a bit bored with the same old YouTube interface. Not too long ago, YouTube unveiled a redesign… read more »