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How to Stop Windows 10 Update

One aspect that Microsoft got very wrong was Windows Updates. The situation has slowly improved with subsequent updates, but performing updates still isn’t as smooth or customizable as it should be. If you’re fed up with thinking about Active Hours and dealing with random restarts, you might want to kill the update feature altogether. In this… read more »

Google Chrome Wants to Stop Sites From Redirecting You

Google is making changes to its Chrome browser which should stop sites from redirecting you against your will. These plans to curtail dodgy (or innocent but ignorant) websites is the latest in a long line of measures designed to make browsing the web a much more pleasant experience. Anyone who has ever spent some time… read more »

Stop Popups on Android! How to Block Intrusive Ads

Popup ads are extremely frustrating on desktop, but they’re sometimes a problem on mobile devices, too. If you’re sick of popups ruining your experience on Android, we’ll explain how you can put a stop to them. Popup ads generally come in one of three forms: When you’re browsing the web Fullscreen ads in apps Notification… read more »

Treat and Stop Snoring With These 5 Apps and Sites

Snoring is not only problematic for anyone who shares your bed, but it can also lead to deeper health problems. When issues are as grave as thickening the carotid artery or sleep apnea, it’s best to nip it in the bud. Plus, you avoid embarrassment in situations like an airplane. There are different types of… read more »

Finally Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox and Stop Spam Forever

If you’re feeling swamped by too many emails in your inbox, you’re not alone. Everyone wants your attention and your inbox is their target. The good news is, Gmail offers easy tools to shut out spam. Keep reading to learn about clever Gmail tricks that will help you regain control of your inbox. 1. Automatically… read more »

Budweiser Offers Free Lyft Rides to Stop Drunk Driving

Lyft and Budweiser have teamed up together to help stop people drunk driving. Budweiser is offering 150,000 free Lyft rides between now and the end of the year, the idea being that if you’re getting a Lyft you’re not driving in an inebriated state. Whether you’ve drunk Budweiser or not. Most people reading this will… read more »

Too Much on To-Do List? Try These Apps to Stop Being Overwhelmed

There is no perfect to-do list app. In fact, most apps you use seem overwhelming after some time. As the list goes longer, the tasks seem insurmountable. Chances are, you aren’t using the right app. While there are some excellent to-do apps with a plethora of features, that’s not ideal for beginners. If you’re new… read more »

4 Myths and Misconceptions About RAM You Need to Stop Believing

RAM (random access memory) is one of the basic components of a computer or a smartphone. Its job is to remember computations for a limited amount of time, so that your processor does not need to redo those computations each time. But despite how important it is, people have several misconceptions about RAM. The ensuing… read more »