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How to View Slideshow Articles on One Page

You’re on Facebook. You see a clickbait title you can’t resist. You click on it only to discover you have to click through 20 different pages just to see the whole article. Annoying, right? Luckily, there are a few easy to use tools out there that can quickly convert an annoying slideshow article into one convenient and… read more »

How to Set a Slideshow Screensaver in Windows 10

A screensaver seems like an old-fangled topic to fuss about. It’s not like the good old days when having the coolest screensaver on your desktop was a nerd statement. Most of us never knew that they existed to solve the image burn problem on the CRT screens of the day. Now you can use them… read more »

How to Make a Slideshow with Windows Movie Maker

A slideshow is a great way to share your best photos and videos with friends and family. Rather than locking them in a dark room with you, create a digital slideshow that you can email or share on social media. In this guide we show you how to make dynamic picture or video slideshows using the free tool… read more »