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Why Google Assistant Is a Better Smart AI Than Apple’s Siri

Apple’s Siri may have been the pioneering voice assistant on a smartphone, but it’s been years since most of us took her very seriously. Over the years, she’s often been accused of not being able to understand what we’re saying. More importantly, after the arrival of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Siri appears to… read more »

Voice of Siri Susan Bennett Tells MakeUseOf How Siri Changed Her Life

When Apple’s intelligent voice assistant, Siri, was introduced with iOS 5 in 2011, it was touted as the next big thing. Since then, millions of people have used the “humble personal assistant” to perform all sorts of tasks, from playing songs, checking the weather, searching the web, and asking more obscure questions like: “What is the meaning… read more »

How to Use Siri to Set the Scene for Romance

Yesterday we showed you how to create a DIY Wi-Fi light that could be controlled with Siri; today we’re going to build on that knowledge to make Siri to work with a Sonos sound system too, then put it all together in a romantic scene. Check out the end result: The video above was not faked, or staged… read more »