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5 Signs Windows Isn’t Broken: Troubleshooting for Dummies

How many PC issues have you experienced in the last month? A spotty internet connection, apps crashing, and system freezes aren’t foreign experiences to most Windows users. But when these occur, are you quick to blame Windows itself for these problems? The truth is that the Windows operating system (OS) isn’t really responsible for many… read more »

3 Danger Signs to Look for Each Time You Use an ATM

What do you do when it is your turn at the ATM? Are you ready to pounce, majestically maneuvering your card to the slot, gracefully extracting your hard-earned dollars, and running to the nearest bar? Or are you more considered, scanning your surroundings for any inkling of malicious activity on or around the ATM itself?… read more »

5 Warning Signs That Your SSD Is About to Break Down & Fail

Whether you’re buying a laptop or a desktop today, it’s advisable to get a Solid State Drive (SSD) over a traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SSDs are faster, more stable, and conserve less power, making them superior in every way. But that doesn’t mean SSDs are flawless. If you know what SSDs are all about, then… read more »

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Mac

It’s no secret that Apple hardware lasts a long time. Eventually, however, the time comes when your Mac may outlast its usefulness, becoming obsolete. It’s generally pretty obvious when it’s time to replace your computer, but just in case you’re unsure here four signs that it might be time for a trip to the Apple Store. Your Applications Are Getting… read more »