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Why You Should Try Switching Linux Operating Systems

If you’ve ever felt your current Linux operating system lacking in some ways, there are a number of things you can do to help fix this. It’s easy to adjust your desktop’s look and feel, for example, sometimes to amazing degrees. Switching regularly between different Linux operating systems (better known as distro hopping) is one… read more »

8 Bitcoin News Sites Every Cryptocurrency Fan Should Read

“Bitcoin” was one of the most popular search terms on Google during 2017. According to the company’s own data, it was the second most-searched-for news topic of the year. Indeed, 2017 was undoubtedly year that the cryptocurrency came of age. Back in January, one Bitcoin was worth approximately $ 1,000 USD. By December, it had… read more »

6 Sites All Parents Should Add to Their Block List Today

If you’re a parent, you will no doubt be aware of the dangers of giving your child unfettered access to the web. Whether it’s adult entertainment, gore, or gambling, there’s a near-endless number of sites that your children shouldn’t be seeing. Even stuff that appears innocent can still be a minefield; the new YouTube Kids… read more »

5 Electron Apps for Linux You Should Try Today

Programs written using the Electron framework don’t have the best reputations. A lot of this has to do with the way they seem to use up a lot of resources. They are, after all, based off Google’s Chrome web browser, with all the benefits and trappings of it. That’s not to say that all of… read more »

9 Privacy-Friendly Android Apps You Should Be Using

These days, you can find an Android app for just about anything. Want to know what the weather will be like next week? No problem. Need to explore your device’s file system? It’s easy. Dying to waste a few hours playing high-quality games? There are thousands to choose from. But the app-for-everything nature of the… read more »

Bitcoin Explained: Should You Buy It Right Now?

Do you follow Bitcoin? At the start of December, the price of the cryptocurrency rocketed up to over $ 19,000 per coin. Early investors with nerves of steel now have portfolios worth thousands, if not millions of dollars. But the question on everyone’s lips is this: is it too late for me to invest in… read more »

9 Safari Settings You Should Change for a Better Browsing Experience

A lot of Mac enthusiasts prefer using Safari over Chrome, thanks to its low battery consumption. With macOS High Sierra, Safari is better than ever before, but as with all browsers there are quirks that need fixing. Fortunately enough, most of the browser’s annoying quirks can be fixed by making a quick visit to Safari’s settings. Others need a… read more »

Everything You Should Know About the Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon’s Echo line of connected speakers continues to grow. So far in 2017, we’ve seen the introduction of the second-generation Echo, Echo Plus, the style-conscious Echo Look, and top-of-the-line Echo Show. And Amazon isn’t done just yet for the year. The Echo Spot is the latest unique device to feature the Alexa voice assistant. Introducing… read more »

11 LinkedIn Features You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

With hundreds of millions of users, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn is still the world’s largest professional-oriented platform. That being said, in recent years, lots of users have drifted away from the network. They rarely log in and barely engage with the content and connections found over there. I was exactly the same, checking my… read more »