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MoviePass Now Has More Than 1 Million Subscribers

MoviePass has managed to rack up 1 million active subscribers. And this has all been achieved in just four months, which is less time than it took Spotify, Hulu, and Netflix to reach 1 million subscribers. The question now is whether MoviePass’ business model is sustainable or not. A Brief History of MoviePass For the… read more »

Patreon Forces Patrons to Pay More Money

Patreon is changing the way it charges fees, which is causing confusion and consternation amongst creators and their patrons. The new fees mean creators will get a higher percentage of the money pledged. However, patrons will be paying the difference, risking the business model. For the uninitiated, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform connecting content creators… read more »

11 Critical Tips on How to Sell More on EBay

Selling more on eBay is a concept that sounds simple enough. But it actually takes a mix of business acumen, psychology, and good old elbow grease. Years ago, I sold thousands of items – everything from antiques to yard sale items – and became a Power Seller with a 100% feedback rating. More recently, my… read more »

Best Mini PC: HP, Intel, and More with Windows, Android or Chrome OS

The past few years have seen the rise of a new form factor in personal computers: the mini-PC. Moore’s Law and the miniaturization of motherboards have made computers smaller than ever before. And it’s slowly replacing the good old beige box. Rightly so, when you consider that mini-PCs today are powerful enough to serve the… read more »

Best Cyber Monday Deals From Amazon, Walmart, Target, and More

Cyber Monday starts now. And with stores (and websites) opening their doors earlier than ever, it’s vital that you know the best deals ahead of time (how to prepare for Black Friday). We’ve scoured the early leaks and picked out some of the best Cyber Monday deals. These products are both well-reviewed and come at… read more »

Did You Know Steam Sells More Than Just Games?

Steam is certainly the most popular PC gaming digital distribution platform, though there are some competitors. But even though Steam is known for games, did you know that there’s more than meets the eye available on the Steam Store? Indeed, there’s an entire section dedicated to software that you can buy on Steam. Visit the… read more »

More People Are Binge-Watching Netflix at Work

Much has been written about how Netflix has propagated binge-watching on a massive scale. While people did used to binge-watch DVD boxsets, the streaming service HAS changed the way we all watch TV. So what exactly is the deal with people who spend their days watching Netflix? Netflix has published the results of a survey… read more »

6 Apps to Make Your Instagram Stories Even More Awesome

Stories are now a firm favorite when it comes to Instagram features. They’re a simple way to share less-polished moments with your followers, only to be deleted from the public sphere 24 hours later. And since Instagram effectively stole the idea of Stories from Snapchat, you’d be right to expect pretty much the same features:… read more »