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How to Edit and Organize Your Images With the New macOS Photos

Apple’s Photos app has undergone a serious overhaul in the past few versions of macOS. The latest version has some solid editing capabilities — enough that it makes a great replacement for Picasa. If you haven’t looked at Photos in a while (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you), it’s time to get reacquainted. Adding Photos… read more »

How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts on macOS

Most of us are terrible at managing our address books and contact lists. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been amassing contacts for years but you’ve rarely spent the time to go through and organize them. The result? Lots of out-of-date contact details and, even more annoying, lots of duplicates. While we can’t help you establish… read more »

How to Install macOS on a PC (Mac Required)

Installing Windows on a Mac is easy, but did you know you can install macOS on a PC? It’s not a project for those who don’t like to get hands-on with hardware, but with the right combination of components and effort, it is possible. In order to install the operating system, you’re going to need to use… read more »

How to Try macOS on Windows 10 With a Virtual Hackintosh

Windows 10 is a great operating system. Sure, it has its quirks and annoyances, but what OS doesn’t? But even if you’re beholden to Microsoft and Windows, that doesn’t mean you cannot shop around. And what better way to do that than from the safe confines of your existing OS and a virtual machine. In this tutorial,… read more »

How to Run Android Apps on macOS

The gap between desktop and mobile is closing all the time. But while this means we’re getting more and more desktop class apps on our phones, getting mobile apps on our desktops is as hard as ever. Unless you use a Chromebook. But what if you use a Mac? It is possible to run Android… read more »

Make Linux Look Like macOS With These Easy Tweaks

If you like Linux but enjoy the Mac aesthetic, you’re in luck! This article will guide you through the steps to make your Linux desktop behave and look like Apple’s macOS. One of the great benefits of Linux is how you can shape it as you see fit. There are lots of different ways to… read more »

Don’t Let These 8 Common macOS Issues Bother You Anymore

A while ago we gave you quick fixes for 11 common Mac problems and quirks. Today, we’ll take a look at workarounds for eight more potential macOS annoyances. Keep in mind that not all the issues listed here are system glitches. Some of them are features that are either less than ideal or don’t align with how… read more »

Apple Helps You Sleep Better With Night Shift on macOS

Apple is bringing Night Shift to macOS. Night Shift being a popular feature baked into iOS which lets you change the color of your screen depending on the time of day. Having added Night Shift to iOS in 2016, Apple is now bringing the feature across to your Mac too. First, the science. There is… read more »

Upgraded to macOS Sierra? Stay Away From These 2 Features

On the whole, macOS Sierra is a solid update. While new features like Siri are useful from time to time, one of Sierra’s spotlight features is storage management. macOS is making storage optimization easier, but in the process also playing a risky game with your data. It’s the Desktop and Documents Sync and Optimized Storage features… read more »