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    • Best dca strategy April 15, 2024
      I am planning to dca weekly into btc and never sell. And I do plan on keeping them in a cold storage. What is the best exchange to buy? And how often should I send it to my cold wallet? How to avoid fees? Somebody teach me and thank you very much submitted by /u/Friendly-Option-5746 […]
    • Another World War to try to implement their CBDC? Bitcoin is Hope! April 15, 2024
      submitted by /u/DyehuthyTV [link] [comments]
    • I am Pro Bitcoin. Is It Alarming To Say 80% Of Bitcoin Holders Have Never Sold Bitcoin? April 15, 2024
      People arguing against bitcoin often say it has no intrinsic value. 80% of bitcoin holders have never sold bitcoin. All it takes is a few whales to sell, and then price drops like an avalanche. And once others see the steep waterfall the herd will follow further driving down price more. How do you respond […]
    • Don't be this guy April 15, 2024
      submitted by /u/tommy4019 [link] [comments]
    • Is it enough to send to a 'cold' wallet? April 15, 2024
      Hello, So recently I have bought $400 worth of btc (0.006) and I'm currently holding it on an exchange, I know I gotta move it to my own wallet which I've already made, but moving a really small amount of btc is worthless due to the fees, so is $400 good enough to already store […]
    • Mentor Monday, April 15, 2024: Ask all your bitcoin questions! April 15, 2024
      Ask (and answer!) away! Here are the general rules: If you'd like to learn something, ask. If you'd like to share knowledge, answer. Any question about Bitcoin is fair game. And don't forget to check out /r/BitcoinBeginners You can sort by new to see the latest questions that may not be answered yet. submitted by […]
    • Could 4/20 BTC still happen? April 15, 2024
      Just did the math about 4.89 days until the halving. Five more days until 4/20. Did we miss it boys? Or is there a chance? submitted by /u/Gnassshhhh [link] [comments]
    • Mined bitcoin for maybe 2 days in 2010 April 15, 2024
      I just remember today my username and passcode. I think it was like $.10 worth in my account when I stopped mining. Today finally got in and had $173 in it. Damn I wished I hadn’t stopped mining submitted by /u/Adventurous_Face_623 [link] [comments]
    • Daily Discussion, April 15, 2024 April 15, 2024
      Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you! If you don't get an answer to your question, you can try phrasing […]
    • ELI5 please: Why would people take money out of any markets just because a war is happening in a certain area? Even if it might be leaning towards a world war?? April 15, 2024
      I just don’t understand 100%. Why would people do this? Is it a crowd mentality type of thing?? submitted by /u/wcb368 [link] [comments]
    • Paper wallet best? April 15, 2024
      Honestly, I can't understand all the obsession with software based wallet products whether hot wallets or hardware. If you want to hodl safely why not just generate an address/key pair.offline and send your B totc there. Write down the private key and save it. It never ever gets exposed onlinez , ever . submitted by […]
    • A great watch if you haven't already April 15, 2024
      Hello, I found that video about Bitcoin, it's a bit old, but there is still a lot of knowledge. Enjoy! submitted by /u/Alarming-Tangerine [link] [comments]
    • :) stack sats my friends and screw the haters April 15, 2024
      submitted by /u/sporadicmoods [link] [comments]
    • Bitcoin Core April 15, 2024
      Is there any reason no one talks about using bitcoin core? New to this so just trying to figure some things out. submitted by /u/InterestingBuy2945 [link] [comments]
    • Hong Kong etf was the plan!! April 14, 2024
      submitted by /u/IllustriousTear2644 [link] [comments]
    • Should I be buying now? April 14, 2024
      New to crypto, as I understand bitcoin is halving in the next week or so. Should I be buying now? submitted by /u/One_Imagination_3069 [link] [comments]
    • Kill (FIAT) Bill(s) April 14, 2024
      submitted by /u/SmokeAndSkate [link] [comments]
    • Make War Unaffordable April 14, 2024
      submitted by /u/BitCypher84 [link] [comments]
    • Selling because you fear the war makes no sense! April 14, 2024
      If you think about it... The only reason nations go to war without the people's support is because they can steal your wealth by printing free money. If a war breaks out, they will go even crazier on the printer and make you poorer, so holding USD is counterproductive. You need wealth that they can't […]
    • Finally took some profits April 14, 2024
      Since I first bought bitcoin at the end of 2019 I have been a pretty hardcore hodler. Every time I would think of selling anything it would give me a huge wave of anxiety and worry. Recently have purchased my dream car (second hand of course!) and while I could afford it almost all without […]

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Google Duo Lets You Call People Without the App

Google has quietly updated Duo to allow users to call people who don’t even have the Duo app installed. This means that Google Duo users can make voice calls or video calls to their contacts using Duo even if the other person has never even heard of this particular messaging app. The number of messaging… read more »

How to Quickly Find a Photo in Google Photos

Most of us have a Google account, probably for something like Gmail or Google Calendar. But did you know that Google is also a great option for storing and searching all of your photos too? Google Photos offers free unlimited (compressed) storage for your photos, making them available across a multitude of devices. If you… read more »

Google Assistant Comes to Old Phones and New Tablets

Google is bringing Google Assistant to even more smartphones, and, for the first time, tablets too. This means that even if you own an older Android handset or budget Android handset you should still be able to start using Google Assistant. Unfortunately, it’s only coming to newer tablets. Assistant was initially only available on the… read more »

Google Launches 3 New Photo Apps Worth Trying

Google has launched three brand new photography apps for Android and iOS. They’re all free, they’re all original, and they’re all well worth trying. These three new apps are the first installment of what Google is calling “appsperiments,” which are experimental apps. Smartphone cameras have improved massively over the years, to the point at which… read more »

Google Asks Celebrities to Answer Your Questions

Google has a treat in store for people who search for information on celebrities. A handful of celebrities have answered questions about themselves, with videos appearing at the top of search results. You just have to ask the right question about the right celebrity to trigger it. For reasons I don’t understand people are fascinated… read more »

15 Funny Questions You Can Ask Your Google Home

Smart speakers can be as entertaining as they are useful. If you need a break after the work of setting up your Google Home, why not try out some of the hilarious phrases built right in? Just like Alexa’s goofy responses, the following are all phrases you can say to your Google Home for a… read more »

Google Launches Android Go for Budget Smartphones

Google has launched Android Oreo (Go Edition), or Android Go for short. This is a pared-down version of Android Oreo designed for budget smartphones, and it comes with lightweight versions of core apps such as Chrome, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the new Files Go. While iOS set the early pace when it… read more »

Vidme Shuts Down Because Google and Facebook

Vidme is shutting down, and it’s all the fault of Google and Facebook. The popular online video platform will go offline on December 15th, 2017, at which point all videos will be “permanently deleted from the Vidme servers”. And with that, Google and Facebook’s stranglehold tightens. A Brief History of Vidme Vidme was launched in… read more »

How to Delete Your Google Chrome History

Do you wish you could wipe your Google Chrome search history and start with a clean slate? Luckily, it’s both possible and easy to do! There are a few benefits to deleting your search history. First and foremost is privacy. Of course, Google will still have all your search history on file, but it’ll stop… read more »