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How to Quickly Find a Photo in Google Photos

Most of us have a Google account, probably for something like Gmail or Google Calendar. But did you know that Google is also a great option for storing and searching all of your photos too? Google Photos offers free unlimited (compressed) storage for your photos, making them available across a multitude of devices. If you… read more »

How to Find and Share Your 9 Best Instagram Photos of 2017 in a Grid

It’s that time of year again, when social media is awash with reminders of how our years went. Nowhere does this work better than on Instagram, where you’re probably seeing your friends sharing their nine best photos of the year. If you want to create a similar grid, here’s how. How to Find and Share Your… read more »

How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts on macOS

Most of us are terrible at managing our address books and contact lists. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been amassing contacts for years but you’ve rarely spent the time to go through and organize them. The result? Lots of out-of-date contact details and, even more annoying, lots of duplicates. While we can’t help you establish… read more »

Google Maps Now Helps You Find Points of Interest

Google Maps is getting a new look, but this makeover delivers more than just visual gloss. The new-look Google Maps adds color-coding for different points of interest, and customizes the information on offer depending on where you’re travelling, and how you’re travelling there. The amount of information available in Google Maps is astonishing. You can… read more »

How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts in Google

With almost 90 percent of the world’s smartphones running Android, and with Gmail claiming a sizable chunk of the market share in the email sector, it’s fair to say that billions of people around the planet are using Google Contacts as their primary address book. If you’ve been using the app for several years, your… read more »

Google Wants to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Google is making Google for Jobs even better, adding salary information, the option to customize location, the option to choose which job site you apply through, and the ability to save individual jobs in which you’re interested. Making it easier than ever to switch careers. In June 2017, Google launched Google for Jobs, a dedicated… read more »

Find Places to Eat Based on Where Locals Like to Go

There’s no shortage of apps that come in handy when you’re looking for somewhere new to eat. You can user read reviews, find restaurants based on distance, price, popularity, and more. The newest app to join the fray  sets itself apart by tapping into local favorites. Taste ranks the top restaurants in a bunch of categories: coffee, burgers, drinks, pizza,… read more »

Can’t Find Stuff in Gmail? 5 Best Ways to Sort Your Email Inbox

Gmail is a great tool, but it falls short in terms of offering intuitive ways of sorting your inbox. Fortunately, there are easy workarounds that give you more control over finding messages. We’ll go over several of them below. 1. View All Messages From a Recent Sender There are several tricks that help you see… read more »

5 Sites to Find Which TV Show to Watch Next

There is nothing like finding a great new TV series that you can binge-watch for hours or days. But you will eventually hit a point where you don’t know what to watch next. Even your friends don’t have any recommendations left. Don’t worry, these sites have your back. Of course, most of the TV series… read more »