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Facebook’s Hidden Recommendations Are Awesome

Ever feel like there’s so much noise on Facebook that you can’t use it for what you really want? Sometimes you have to turn to little-known tricks to get productive on the social network. One useful feature you might have seen your friends use is Facebook’s relatively new recommendations. You can use these to get… read more »

Facebook’s Year in Review: How 2017 Sucked

You have probably had a year of ups and downs. That is, after all, pretty much standard. However, on a global scale 2017 won’t go down as a feelgood classic. There have been terror attacks, natural disasters, and a political atmosphere where everyone seems to hate everyone else. It’s against this backdrop that social media… read more »

How to Disable Facebook’s Popup Comments Tab

When you comment on a Facebook post, whether that of a friend or someone in a group, you’re automatically subscribed to receive notifications for every single new comment. If you aren’t a fan of this, you won’t like what Facebook added to this feature. To ensure that you don’t miss a single comment on certain posts, you’ll… read more »

Is Facebook’s New Tool Enough to Stop the Spread of Revenge Porn?

What does living in the age of technology and information mean? Does it mean life is easier? Sure, it’s easier to find a job, travel, and stay in touch. It’s also easier to make information go viral. While some see that as an opportunity to gain fame and money by, say, becoming YouTube stars, others use… read more »

Facebook’s Disturbing Friend Suggestions May Violate Your Privacy

There are lots of ways to find friends on Facebook, but the People You May Know tool is one of the most common. Whether you’re on your computer or your phone, People You May Know is never far away. By analyzing your social network as well as a few pieces of additional information, the feature always… read more »