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How to Bookmark a Page in a PDF Document in Adobe Reader

Adobe rules the roost when it comes to the Portable Document Format (PDF). Like it or hate it. Even as Adobe Reader puffed up with importance and size, free PDF alternatives have romped into the scene. They brought in new features and some you could only find in the commercial Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, the paid… read more »

The 7 Best Mobile Document Scanner Apps

Gone are the days of taking documents to the library to scan or spending a bunch of money on a scanner for your home. You can find many applications for Android, iOS, and Windows that put scanning at your fingertips no matter where you go. These seven awesome apps provide more than just scanning. They… read more »

3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document Templates

Once in a while, we all need a specific document. It may be a business plan, presentation, rental contract, non-disclosure agreement, or even a name change request form. Rather than creating the document from scratch, however, you’ll want to start with a blank template that you can customize. In most cases, searching Google will find what… read more »

JavaScript and Web Development: Using the Document Object Model

This article will introduce you to the document skeleton that JavaScript works with. Having a working knowledge of this abstract document object model, you can write JavaScript that works on any web page. Introduction How do web pages and JavaScript work together and how are they able to talk to each other? The answers lie… read more »