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Is Vivaldi the Best Browser for Your Raspberry Pi?

The Vivaldi browser is great on any platform, but it really stands out at a Raspberry Pi browser. Read on to find out why you should use Vivaldi on your Pi. Read the full article: Is Vivaldi the Best Browser for Your Raspberry Pi? MakeUseOf

How to Manually & Automatically Clear Your Browser History

CCleaner to remove only what you want. Every time you surf the internet, websites leave their tracks on your computer, including cookies, cached images, a history of visited sites and searches, site preferences, and more. These data reveal your browsing habits. If your privacy is dear to you, you may want to delete them. This… read more »

What Is the Most Secure Mainstream Browser?

The battle for the best desktop browser will never be settled. There are those who will always swear by Google Chrome; others who hold Safari up as the clear winner; and even some who have stuck by Internet Explorer (IE) despite constant press negativity. Even defining the qualities for what constitutes as “The Best” is… read more »

12 Free Browser Match-3 Games to Enjoy on Your Next Break

When you need a break in your busy day, why not pop open a fun, challenging online match-three game? These unique options let you match classic items, create chains, take out zombies, and serve customers. All of this enjoyment is packed with the punch of the match-three puzzle genre. If you are ready for a… read more »

Microsoft Edge Is the Best Browser at Stopping Phishing

Microsoft Edge isn’t the most popular browser in the world. No, Google Chrome wears that crown, and has for some time. And then there’s Firefox, which is upping its game with the new version codenamed Quantum. However, Edge beats both of them when it comes to stopping phishing attacks. There are so many security threats… read more »

9 Great Safari Browser Alternatives for Mac Users

On the Mac, there are many browsers beyond Safari: some common, some more obscure. It is not that Safari is a bad browser, or that it has a limited feature set. Safari is Apple’s vision of the web browser and targeted at general users. Not to mention most of its feature releases tie into releases… read more »

Search Your Browser History Even After It’s Been Cleared

There are times when you would just like to look back into the past. That’s true about our browsing sessions as well. That forgotten life hack. The great website you failed to favorite. Or just a “tip of my tongue” bit of trivia that slipped away. And it’s even worse when you try to search… read more »

How to Search for Text in Any Mobile Browser

While text search on a web page is easy on desktop, it’s a bit more “invisible” on mobile. On desktop, you just need to hit Ctrl + F or go to the menu and click on Find, then type in your keyword in the box. But mobile operating systems differ in two key ways from their desktop counterparts:… read more »