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How to Emulate Android Apps on Linux

If you’re a hardcore Android fan, you’re probably aware that your favorite mobile operating system descends from Linux. We’ve covered in the past how Android is based on open source components, and that the Linux kernel is one of those. It stands to reason then that if they’re so close, it should be relatively easy… read more »

5 New Productivity Apps to Manage Your To-Do List and Get Things Done

The best productivity app will always be whatever works for you. So if you haven’t found your ideal version yet, keep checking out new ones like these five new apps. One of these might just make you more productive than ever before. Apps are all about productivity methods, from simple task lists to time-tracking techniques…. read more »

5 Electron Apps for Linux You Should Try Today

Programs written using the Electron framework don’t have the best reputations. A lot of this has to do with the way they seem to use up a lot of resources. They are, after all, based off Google’s Chrome web browser, with all the benefits and trappings of it. That’s not to say that all of… read more »

9 Privacy-Friendly Android Apps You Should Be Using

These days, you can find an Android app for just about anything. Want to know what the weather will be like next week? No problem. Need to explore your device’s file system? It’s easy. Dying to waste a few hours playing high-quality games? There are thousands to choose from. But the app-for-everything nature of the… read more »

5 of Google’s Best New Apps and Updates You Need to Know

Google is doing so many things all the time, it’s difficult to keep a track of every new release or update. Plus, not everything that the internet giant releases is gold. But in the past few months, five of their launches are worth knowing. From freeing up space on your phone to weekend techie projects… read more »

Google Launches 3 New Photo Apps Worth Trying

Google has launched three brand new photography apps for Android and iOS. They’re all free, they’re all original, and they’re all well worth trying. These three new apps are the first installment of what Google is calling “appsperiments,” which are experimental apps. Smartphone cameras have improved massively over the years, to the point at which… read more »

Make Google Search Great Again With These 5 Sites and Apps

Google is the default search engine for most of the world. It just works, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. The right site or extension can improve your Google search experience tremendously. Of course, this is assuming you already know the best Google search tips and tricks. These web apps and… read more »

8 Amazing Android TV Apps That You Didn’t Know Existed

Cast your mind back to April 2010: Apple had just released the first iPad, thus firing the starting gun on the tablet revolution. If you had one of those early Apple or Android tablets, you’ll probably remember the utterly miserable experience of using apps. Most developers hadn’t adapted their products for a tablet’s larger screen… read more »

6 Apps to Make Your Instagram Stories Even More Awesome

Stories are now a firm favorite when it comes to Instagram features. They’re a simple way to share less-polished moments with your followers, only to be deleted from the public sphere 24 hours later. And since Instagram effectively stole the idea of Stories from Snapchat, you’d be right to expect pretty much the same features:… read more »