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    • FC Lugano jerseys during Swiss Cup Final June 4, 2023
      ​ submitted by /u/maarrutks [link] [comments]
    • Say Hello To My Cyber Hornet in the Encryted Wall of Energy Protecting Your Corn ... June 4, 2023
      ​ Introducing my plucky mining rig - a Blockstream Jade :-) kicking out a whopping 81 kilo-hashes per second. The global hashrate is now topping a third of a zetta-hash. If you imagine the global hash rate as a cubic kilometer, my Jade is representing a ~5cm cube of that. Very excited to achieve my […]
    • Is so called "Bitcoin adoption" pointless and unnecessary? June 4, 2023
      Everyone is always talking about "Bitcoin adoption" and posting pictures of businesses accepting Bitcoin. But do we actually need that? I say that because whenever I research anything about Bitcoin self custody, all the advice, even from the vendors a lot of the time, is all like 'only order directly from the vendor, and we'll […]
    • As a bitcoiner, does compound interest actually mean anything? June 4, 2023
      I became a bitcoin MAXI officially in 2022. I first dumped my net worth in btc in 2020. Before 2020 I invested in stocks long term (sp500). A known strategy with stocks is dividend investing to take advantage of compound interest. This is when you buy dividend stocks and reinvest the dividends. This way, your […]
    • It’s time to prepare for halving June 4, 2023
      submitted by /u/HappyTroll77 [link] [comments]
    • Helloo Im from Canada and Binance is cutting us off June 4, 2023
      Well I have my bitcoins on binance and I wanna know what is the best alternative for us Canadians with the best fees rate please :) thanks submitted by /u/VtheCryptoEng [link] [comments]
    • Really New To Bitcoin And I Need Help ... June 4, 2023
      So I started buying Bitcoin a few month ago, I use the app. The problem is, they take 2.99% fees every time you buy Bitcoin. For me, this seemed as a very high price. I live in Norway, and I have heard the through the Norwegian bank (DNB) there is a way to buy […]
    • 2-of-3 multisig: minimum requirements and best practices June 4, 2023
      I’m exploring way to upgrade my security from a single Ledger hardware wallet (HW) to a 2/3 multisig setup. What’s the minimum requirement for HW? Correct me if i’m wrong, but i shouldn’t need 3 physical HWs, should I?. Instead, i can set one wallet with one seed phrase at a time, then partially sign […]
    • Hodl or Day trade June 4, 2023
      I have over $80k as part of an inheritance from my grandfather. I bought some bitcoins but I don’t know if I should trade or hodl. What do you think. submitted by /u/brucewalter_ [link] [comments]
    • Have you tried BitKit? One of the most noob-friendly self-custodial Lightning wallets June 4, 2023
      submitted by /u/KAX1107 [link] [comments]
    • Brazilian crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin licensed as payment provider June 4, 2023
      submitted by /u/HenryEvans11 [link] [comments]
    • At the local Whataburger June 4, 2023
      submitted by /u/SbhRagepsn [link] [comments]
    • Another Node June 4, 2023
      Dug out an old laptop of mine, cleaned it up, let it update and installed a pruned node on the ole bastard. This will be my second node that I've ever made. Decentralizing on the fly. submitted by /u/Dextradomis [link] [comments]
    • Daily Discussion, June 04, 2023 June 4, 2023
      Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you! If you don't get an answer to your question, you can try phrasing […]
    • Parmanode v3.3.6 is out June 4, 2023
      Run Bitcoin Core (v24.0.1) on a Mac or Linux, easy AF. Get it free at Plus... Electrum Server (Fulcrum) LND BTCPay Docker Tor Mempool Space Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet Ride The Lightning Wallet Educational material by Parman Simple install by progressing through an install wizard. HOW TO RUN / INSTALL Open the terminal application and […]
    • 4% of BTC total supply lost each year June 4, 2023
      Per James of InvestAnswers (produces daily YouTube content) If his analysis is true, what does that mean for the supposed end use case of BTC as global money supply? (Please don’t post “everyone else’s Bitcoin will be worth more, everyone knows that already) Thanks! submitted by /u/Neat-Finger197 [link] [comments]
    • BTC ATM's June 4, 2023
      Is anyone here in this industry? What's the barrier to entry? Startup cost? Pitfalls? submitted by /u/happylittledancer123 [link] [comments]
    • Sparrow wallet question June 4, 2023
      how can sparrow generate a new receive address without a hardware wallet connected? I see that it’s just adding +1 to the last field of the derivation path. submitted by /u/LiveDirtyEatClean [link] [comments]
    • Do You Respect the Bitcoin Cycle or HODL Forever ? June 4, 2023
      I've been a part of the Bitcoin community for a while now, and I'm curious to know where everyone stands when it comes to their strategies. Do you respect the cycle of Bitcoin and aim to cash out at a certain point, or are you a die-hard HODLer who plans to hold on to your […]
    • Bitcoin Vs USD vs Yuan vs Gold June 3, 2023
      As I delve deeper into my journey of understanding cryptocurrency from my humble office desk, it seems like the Biden administration keeps dropping hints about potentially barring US investors from putting their money in certain sectors within China. They're forecasting more of these kinds of foreign investment restrictions to keep capital in our own country […]

Messenger Kids Is Now Available on Amazon Tablets

Messenger Kids is now available on the Amazon Appstore, meaning children can now use the latest Facebook app on their Amazon Fire Tablet. The Fire Tablet is seen as a child-friendly tablet thanks to its durability and affordability. So this is a sensible decision by Facebook. Facebook launched Messenger Kids in December as an app aimed at children aged between six and 12. This is because Kids under 13 aren’t legally allowed to sign up for a Facebook account. Messenger Kids was initially only available on iOS, but it’s now available on Amazon too. A Child-Friendly Version of Facebook For…

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